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Talking About Condoms: Dos and Don’ts

The decision to use a condom during sex rests with the involved partners. However, a condom is a critical tool for protection that couples should give precedence. Generally, condoms can protect partners from sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. But, it does not matter whether you have sex with an acquaintance or an escort service provider. The effectiveness of condoms depends on how well you use them.

To ensure safe sex through the use of condoms, here are some of the key dos and don’ts that partners should keep in mind.

Always remember to have a Condom

A condom can only protect you if you have and put it on during an intercourse. You can either use male or female condoms for protection. However, ensure that you have the right size to ensure a nice fit and comfort.

Don’t Fear Using a Condom during Sex

Although some people say condoms inhibit sensitivity and pleasure when having sex, partners should understand that it is one of the most effective safe sex strategies.

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